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My back is free from pain…

In July 2007 I lifted a bench at school, the next thing I was in dreadful pain and could not move. Friends got me home, and a neighbor came over and gave me Nigel’s number. Within half an hour I was in the clinic, being reassured by the receptionist. I could hardly put one foot in front of the other and have never suffered pain like it I was very frightened. The diagnosis was a bulging disc, and after weekly treatments my back improved. During a treatment I explained I’d had a lot of problems with my hip. Nigel sent for my x-rays and scans and found I had three misaligned vertebrae causing a bulge in my hip/pelvis. It is now April 2008 and my treatments are now every 2 weeks, I have much more movement in my now aligned hip and my back is free from pain. Thank you!